Fledge and Thread was founded by artist and designer Keren Fraser. ‘Fledge and Thread started because I couldn't find what I was looking for, when decorating our little ones rooms. I wanted to find pieces that were inspired by days gone by, soft textiles that would evoke imaginations and build on the magic of childhood. So, I painted and started to design the products we felt were missing, that was the start of Fledge and Thread."

Today we design unique, nostalgic, hand illustrated baby and homewares. To make everyday moments special and find time to pause, to capture special moments with loved ones.

About the Artist / Designer

Keren Elizabeth Fraser

Keren Elizabeth Fraser is a South African born artist, she lived in New Zealand for most of her childhood where she studied at Elam school of fine art and then moved to Perth, Australia to finish her studies in design. Painting from as young as she can remember, Keren painted an entire mural on her bedroom wall at the age of 10. Since graduating, Keren has continued to paint whilst pursuing a career in retail management, where she worked for some of the world's most innovative companies. In 2021 whilst being on maternity leave Keren started to paint again to create patterns and original pieces for her own home. She is now a full-time artist / designer.  

I have always had a passion for the old master’s paintings, with an ancient history teacher as a mother, nostalgia and the past have always had my heart. My original works have a nostalgia to them, reminiscent of paintings from days gone by. The purpose of my work is to find beauty in the smallest moments, a little field mouse, a single pear, a bunny in a meadow and express it, in paint. To capture a moment in time, in all its nuances. I want my work to transform you to a window in time, to take the viewer on a journey away from the everyday, to bring a sense of calm.

I live in Perth, with our two little ones and my husband, Mathew.

When I am not painting in my studio at home, you will find me in our studio store in Mosman Park, Perth (probably still painting). 🤓

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I hope you find meaning in my paintings, maybe a little piece of quiet, that I find when I paint them.


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