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Fledge and Thread

Newborn baby gift set - Bunny

Newborn baby gift set - Bunny

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Our Fledge and Thread Bunny gift set includes...

  • 1 x Bunny cot sheet
  • 1 x Blue floral swaddle wrap
  • 1 x Bunny Heirloom blanket
  • 1 x Matching hand illustrated card 

Our cot sheets, Wraps and Blankets are made with soft 100% Organic Cottons. each product comes in its own beautifully designed bag. Our sets are so unique and the perfect gift for a new baby.

Our cot sheet is made from 100% Organic cotton with beautiful texture. They are enriched with our hand painted designs, carefully crafted with soft tones to nurture little minds.

Our wraps are soft and versatile, made from 100% Organic cotton. We designed them bigger so they will last bub longer - Perfect for wrapping your baby, using as a feeding cloth, in the pram or as an extra layer during nap times. Because of their size, they can also be used as a sheet for when they are able to sleep with bedding. Our Swaddle sheets are enriched with our hand painted designs.

Our Heirloom blankets are super soft with a beautiful texture and lace edges. They are double sided, made from two layers of 100% Organic cotton. With a soothing pattern on one side and a creature on the other, we designed them to be versatile for any space.

*Please note cards could differ to the pictures (depending on what we have in stock) however, we will always choose a suitable match for your gift set 🥹

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