DIY Wallpaper draws 💁‍♀️

DIY Wallpaper draws 💁‍♀️

DIY how to wallpaper draws - or draw-paper 🤓

Wallpaper can be a scary thing for some people especially if they aren’t used to it, or haven’t grow up with it. A nice, fun way to add some character in your home without taking the leap to add wallpaper to your walls - is to add wallpaper to draws / cupboards.

To DIY your draws, you will need:

  1. Wallpaper - Paste to wall type (traditional type where you need glue) how much you need will be dependant on the amount of draws and the size. (For this 8 draw unit I used around 1/2 of a roll - if your draws are large and you need to join the rolls, consider giving yourself some extra to allow for the pattern to join).

  2. Paste - for wallpapering, you don’t need a lot, the glue goes a long way - I used 50gms of paste powder to 1 litre of water, and had so much left over. *Just note, all wallpaper paste has different instructions - so just follow them to make up the glue.

  3. Water - according to instructions on glue powder

  4. Sharp stanley knife

  5. Ruler

  6. Pencil

  7. Cutting board

  8. Container to mix glue

  9. Large brush - to apply glue

There are two ways to do the wallpapering - one way is to measure the draws and cut exactly to the measurements, so it is very easy to install, the other way is to cut it roughly, leave enough overhang to trim it inside the draw (which will take longer, and can get messy)! So we recommend cutting it exactly to the draw measurements.

Step 1:

Make up your wallpaper glue - some you have to leave for 15 mins, so its good to do this first, whilst you are cutting out the draw pieces.

Step 2:

Measure and mark your wallpaper according to the internal draw measurements, remember that if your draws are bigger than your wallpaper roll width, you will have to join the wallpaper at the pattern repeat, so ensure you line up your extra piece right next to the other one before you cut them down. Once they are all marked, then trim them carefully to size. When you are lining your wallpaper up, always start with the straight edge of the paper, and join from the straight edge.

Step 3:

Clean the surface in the draws and make sure they are dust free.

Step 4:

Once you have your draws clean and all your wallpaper pieces cut down to size, remove the draws one by one and pop them on the floor / table.

Step 5:

Working with one draw at a time, add the paste in the draws, then the cut down pieces of wallpaper - the great thing about wallpaper paste applied like this, is you have movement to correct the wallpaper and shift it, if you need.

Step 6:

Repeat with all your draws.

Step 7: Wait for them to dry a few hours and then pop them back into your draw unit, and then enjoy 🤓

If you have any questions, let me know. So, so love these draws! Happy draw - papering! ✌️

Keren x

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